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About Us

If you are looking forward to purchasing the best tarpaulin that can act as a protector of your asset from the unpredictable UK weather, Tarpaulin 4U should be the name you must rely on. We offer the best quality of water proof, stubborn tarpaulins of commendable dimensions, which come with 5 free bungee cords.

Our tarpaulins and heavy duty builder tarp sheets are stubborn enough and are available in a wide range of sizes, strengths and sizes. They are available in 6 attractive colours to choose from. The quality of our products make them superior to other similar products in the market. And the fact that they are affordable and stubborn.

We are home to very high quality tarpaulins that will justify your investment in us. Our wide range of products are made with the use of the best raw materials, and with the application of state of the art technology. This goes a long way in protecting your assets from the wind, sunlight, rain, and even snow. They can be used in camping, protecting backyard lawns, tennis and cricket pitches, vehicles and other assets.

You can also use them to protect wet paints, freshly rendered and constructed exterior walls and other assets. They come with free bungees, and this helps you to fasten them property in case you engage them to protect assets against wind and rain.

We have in place a very professional, prompt delivery service and a highly competent customer support mechanism.